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Matters Speaking is a collective of words, people and jewellery that is shared and created to inspire. Let our words speak to you, our people inspire you and our shop provide things that are treasured and timeless, so that Matters Speaking translates a little time and place over to you.


We are two sisters with a bond that is beyond words and share a love that runs deep. We are ignited by inspiration. Fuelled by passion. Challenged by creativity. Determined by desire to make a difference. And are driven by wandering, wondering and thirsty hearts. We are enticed by everything from the earth to the sky.
We have invested our love to create a space where your soul feels at home. A place in which you can be understood, and encouraged to be you and all that you are. So you can own your reality without apology, open yourself to possibility and live your dreams. 
We hope that our words speak to you, our people inspire you and our shop provides things so that you can show your love like your heart on your sleeve, and together we can leave this place better than when we found it. 
Matters Speaking is made with love for you. 

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