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Sabo Skirt is literally everything we dream of having in our closets, and Yiota Kouzoukas and Thessy Kouzoukas are our fashion muses who have turned their passion into a global empire. We love them not only for what they have created and achieved but for who they are. In such a short time they have come from studying marketing and property development and blogging fashion as a hobby to now owning a hugely successful online store, increased their team to 12 employees, signed a deal with retail giant David Jones and have reached over one million followers on Instagram. This talented duo proves that if you work hard, believe in what you are doing and that failure is not an option, you can achieve anything. We are besotted with these two dreamers, believers, doers and achievers. So let us introduce you to Yiota and Thessy

Can you tell us about the first time you met and what each of you bring to Sabo Skirt and each others lives

We met during high school at a mutual friend's birthday party and instantly hit it off. We met up every weekend after that and spoke everyday! We are both very similar people in terms of our hobbies, what we love and hate and general outlook on life. However, we are completely different when it comes to work, which means that we work seamlessly and are able to bring different aspects to the table when it comes to our business. 

Your rise has been whirl wind. How would you describe your journey and how has Sabo Skirt changed your lives

Sabo Skirt began as a hobby - a blog to share our daily outfits and style with whoever was interested. Secretly, we didn't expect anyone to visit our blog, but as it turned out, we had a positive response and gained followers with a similar taste and passion for fashion. We never expected to turn our fashion blog into an online store, but it has been one amazing journey ever since. It has truly changed our lives for the better and we could not be happier. 

You have to trust your talent and ability to manage the hard stuff. What have been your biggest challenges so far

As we started our online store when there were only a few established globally, it gave us first mover competitive advantage that really allowed us to grow at a rapid pace. It was quite difficult at the time to determine how to best manage our growth in terms of employees, stock levels etc. without over compensating. 

In life and business we are more connected than ever before with social media. The power of social media is

Unbelievable! Social media has absolutely changed the way that business connects with consumers. It allows business to not only showcase their products/services in a more interactive way than traditional marketing tools, but it also has a targeted global reach. Instagram in particular has been an extremely effective marketing tool for Sabo Skirt. 

You have described Sabo (short for sabotage) as an alluring piece of clothing not to be trusted. What meets the eye as an absolute knock out on the rack, shows it true form once slipped on. Your 'Sabo Skirt' blog was designed to alert women to the perils of alluring but unflattering designs. And 'Sabo Skirt' designs are now protecting victims around the world from Sabos. What are the key things you keep in mind when designing your clothes

We sell clothing to women of all different shapes and sizes, so it's important for us to keep in mind when creating new shapes and styles. We also focus on incorporating new trends in our clothing and in more wearable manner. 

What is on trend and in your closet now

Harem style pants, flatbed shoes, monochrome stripes and delicate jewellery stacks are the latest trends that are popping up everywhere, including our wardrobes! 

We love words here at Matters Speaking because they resonate. What has been the best and worst advise you have been given and did you follow it

Our parents always remind us to treat others the way that we would like to be treated and to stay humble and appreciative. We live by these words daily. 

What do you have in store for us next

We have just released our newest range SABO FORMAL which includes pieces for formal events at an affordable price. We also have SABO SLEEP on it's way. 

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